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  • May13th

    Things are great!

    After all the ridiculous confusion that went on with my publisher, things are looking much clearer and brighter.

    Cold Tree Publishing has decided to close its doors for no reason other than the fact that they weren’t making good money. Everything for Insperatus will remain the same except for the publisher. All my information and files will now be going to Lightning Source, a major printing company, who will print and distribute my books. Lightning Source is not a publisher, but at this point, I don’t need one–Insperatus is already published. It’s the printing that’s needed, and, ironically, with the publisher stepped out, there is no more middle-man.

    The only change readers, or possible readers, need worry about is where to buy–and is no longer a seller. Other than that, things are selling really well.

    By the way, I am looking into getting Insperatus on an audio-book! Don’t know how successful I’ll be, but it is definitely an option that is open to me…

    Check back soon! :)

  • May11th

    I got some bad new today.

    My publisher, Cold Tree Press, is officially closing its doors.

    I learned of this not an hour ago, by reading a letter in the mail which the company founder sent out. Because of the economy, and because they were a smaller publisher, they are ceasing to publish any further.
    What’s that mean for me and Insperatus? Simply more work. Instead of working through Cold Tree, I will be working directly with the printing company, who will print Insperatus on demand as needed by me, not the publishing company.

    The company’s closure comes as a huge shock to me, and a bit bitterly accepted as I was given no earlier notice. However, I will now be working with all of my sources on a more familiar level, and have my sights set on finding a major publisher to pick up Insperatus. Although my company’s closure does sound like a bad thing, and it definitely is as far as its tediousness, more doors are opening for me, and the situation gives Insperatus a better chance of finding a larger network.

    I tell you all this for one main reason: online sales. Being that everything is up in the air right now, the online sales thing is a bit confusing. will only be selling books for about two weeks more, and the the site will be removed. I don’t know yet what this will mean for amazon, barnes and noble, or the other sites exactly, although it will continue to be on sale through them.

    I will update everyone when I know further details, but boy will I be busy. Finishing high school with exams coming up [not to mention CALCULUS, which is the all-time worst subject ever], working part-time, and making all the arrangements for college, the clock and I are not exactly the best of friends.

    Things will go on, though–and through all this confusion at the moment, I hope that my readers will continue to support Insperatus and spread the word about it, because that’s the best thing possible for it’s blossoming!

  • May4th

    Thanks for all the support from everyone!

    Let me just say, it is quite the compliment to be told that my book is actually better than Stephenie’s Twilight series. Most people don’t know, and fail to inquire, that I’ve actually never read the Twilight series or ever watched the movie. Most people don’t realize either that I was writing Insperatus around the same time Stephenie Meyer must’ve been writing Twilight, before it was anything at all. The timing of Insperatus’ release seems to be working to my benefit so far, though. Being that I’m from NJ, to hear that Insperatus is being bought around the US as well as in other countries such as Italy, Canada, England, and so on, is the coolest thing ever.

    My best advice to possible readers is that while Insperatus is NOTHING LIKE TWILIGHT, if they like that series, they’d like this, being that the genre is similar (although the storyline is set back about 150 years).

    Insperatus also introduces a new concept of the vampire as well, one far different from Twilight, Anne Rice’s stuff, and even Dracula. While I decided that the traditional vampiric qualities such as death by stake, injury by sunlight or garlic, and no reflection are things I definitely wanted to include, the vampire itself is treated more like a disease than anything else. Insperatus also includes various other supernatural entities that work within the sub-plots.

    Last but not least, I am letting everyone know that I’m doing a little remodeling for my page, here. will be where I post all my blog entries and news feeds, so check back often for updates as to where my upcoming signings will be, what is new with Insperatus, and even inside tips of all sorts.

    Before I sign off, lemme just list my upcoming appearances: Saturday, May 9th, I will be doing a little signing at Don’s Bagels in Glassboro, (my friend owns it), and one-on-one chat will be totally available, starting from 12; Saturday May 16th I will be doing a signing at Brenner’s Brew, a coffee shop in Bridgeton, starting at 12 where I will also be reading excerpts from Insperatus; Saturday May 23rd I will be at the Hamilton mall’s Border’s Express doing a signing, also beginning at 12. My next and largest upcoming signing will be the weekend of June 19th, at the huge Wizard World Comic-Con in Philly, where I will also be sketching there as an artist, as well as signing and selling my book among other various artists and celebrities. {Just for a fun side-note, some of my artwork is posted on, under the name mstwennyfaahve–the link is attached on the side page.}

    Thanks for checking in–more new posts are coming your way! Be sure, if you haven’t already, to grab a copy of my brain-child, Insperatus!