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  • June30th

    I had a change of plans.

    Instead of posting all my art on, I realized it’d be much smarter for me to upload everything onto my art account at There is a link to the rightish area that can lead you there–it’s an art site, and since I already had an account [MsTwennyFaahve] I went ahead and uploaded all my art onto there. My rates for commission work are on there, too, so check it out!

    And artwork aside, I have been looking into a new publisher for my sequel. While it will not be released for about another year, number two to Insperatus is over half way finished. So while I’m doing art and finding a new publisher, I am also trying to find a good agent to pitch Insperatus to large companies such as Bantam, Penguin, and the like. But you know what big publishers look for most in a book? The authors platform. How many REVIEWS the book has. How many fan ratings. Things like that. So please–let other websites as well as other people know how you feel. Promote Insperatus.

    Thanks a million. ____________|

  • June25th

    This is just a short post–my last post regarding my Wizard Convention weekend was my big one for the time being–but it is regarding the ‘grande opening!’ of my new side-site, the art of kelly varesio.

    Basically all the information about what it is is on the site itself, the web address simply being ‘’ [the direct link is to your right]. As I said before, I’ve decided to offer custom art for whoever is interested, and each request/commission will be fit uniquely to the person requesting my drawing services.

    That’s it for now–head on over there to check out what’s beginning, and check back soon to watch it grow! :)

    Aaaaaaand as always, don’t forget [if you haven’t bought it already, please do!] about INSPERATUS, my most beloved mind-child, which could use reviews for even better publicity! Help me out as an author, because you the readers are what makes a book take off–you, your reviews, and your word-of-mouth.

    ~~Thanks, and much love!~~

  • June21st

    What an eventful weekend!

    So I rent a table at one of the biggest comic-cons in the US to sell my book for Father’s Day weekend. Not only that, but I draw. Most don’t know, but I’m sort of an artist as well as an author, and this weekend I sold just as much art and commission work as books! It was truly an amazing experience. Made a few friends– shout out to A.J. Nolan, an author working his way up as well as I am– and met some celebrities. Guests there along side me included Lou Ferrigno [the first and foremost Incredible Hulk himself from the 80’s], Ray Park [the underestimated actor who played X-Men’s Toad, Darth Mau, and the upcoming Snake-Eyes in the GI Joe Movie], Lelya Milani [Howie Mandell’s lucky #13 model], Matt Serra [one of the UFC fighters], Kristanna Locken [actress from Terminator & Pain Killer Jane], and numerous others.

    Other than that exhilarating cast of characters, I was able to really get one-on-one with my readers, as well as sell sketches of Insperatus characters. I was asked by one of my buyers if I sold art on my website–and I said no, but it got me thinking. I’ve decided to offer commission work for anyone interested. In the next few weeks I will be creating another blogspot, where I will only be posting my artwork. There I will offer custom art of your choice.

    In conclusion– a super successful weekend, a chance to meet tons of new people, and best of all, a huge humbling for me: to be paid for something you love to do. It’s the most amazing feeling I’ve ever felt, really. I appreciate my readers more than I can say, so…thank you! Check back soon for even more cool things! :)

  • June3rd

    It’s been heeeeeeeectic for me lately!
    Thought I’d finally update my site to get my mind back to where it enjoys being most. Insperatus is really thriving. I have a good sir over at doing a review for me, so cross your fingers that he gets a lot out of my work. It had been a major hit with local teens, too.
    I’m graduating High School June 12th–in a WEEK. To me, that is the most bitter-sweet sensation I have yet to experience in my life. Since I go to a school with kids I grew up with since I was five, it’s hard to realize I won’t be returning to CCS in September. Instead, I have been accepted into one of the best nursing programs around, at CCC, where I’ll be wrapped up in a [condensed from four year] two year RN nursing program, hooked up directly with the hospital. Needless to say, starting in the fall I will be one bussssssy girl. Too bad writing is something my body, mind, and soul just will not give up, so don’t believe that schooling, no matter how rigorous, will stop me from my sequel. :}
    This summer, as my only sort of relaxation/break time for like another year, I will be promoting my book to the best of my ability. I’ll have sooooo much more time to get hooked up with the local papers, fairs, and projects. I have started my search for a big publisher that will pick Insperatus up, so the sequel will have no problem in its publication. My biggest goal for summer is to get Insperatus into just about every SHORE bookstore, as well as Borders in my surrounding Jersey area.
    Lastly, I want to explain what Wizard World Philly is, and my part in it. I will have a table at one of the largest comic-cons in the country, along side star artists and celebrities such as Lou Ferigno and various other movie cast. There I’ll not only be selling copies of Insperatus and handing out bookmarks and cards [and possibly selling T-shirts! O.O], I’ll be sketching as well. I am, as a hobbyist, an artist as well as an author. I have tons of drawings of my characters from Insperatus, and also from Disney characters, Marvel characters, and more. I will be sketching by request for a small fee there, so I’m super excited. This is my next signing, the weekend of the 19th, because until then I’m pretty much booked up with graduation, graduation parties, and work [I’m part-time at a doctor’s office].
    Anyway, that’s about it for now. As I always like to say, YOUR promotion is the absolute BEST way of getting Insperatus higher and higher on the totem pole of those millions of books available for sale. With even minute reviews, or blog write-ups on any forums of any sites, sales for my book rise dramatically. I thank everyone to no end for their support in its promoting. I’ll write again soon. 😀 _______|