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  • November29th

    Tie, hm?

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    So you tied my poll between vampire and hybrid, for book two. That means I’ll just have to decide between the two, hm?

    Well than… an update.

    I am currently building a new website which should be up and running within the next month or so. As I believe I’ve said before, on the new website Insperatus will be sold directly, and there will be numerous more activities. You’ll know when it’s finished–there will be red flags everywhere on this site, trust me. :)

    School? Ha. I finish my first semester December 15th, and boyyyyy that date cannot come fast enough! This has been the roughest 18 credits I’ve whethered–also the first, and unfortunately not the last. I’ve been taking care of patients in the hospital once a week, and the other days I school/study/homework it up.

    Luckily, I woke up this morning with a sort of brainstorm. I ran from bed to my laptop, still bleary-eyed and uncoordinated. I typed another chapter, which now, is a huge deal. I used to spit out chapters like nothing, but since I’ve had such a rough time with my sequel it’s been like pulling a tooth. I don’t think there’s ever been something I love so much that I actually avoid doing sometimes… anyway, there’s a new chapter added on, I hope to write one more before bed tonight, and that’ll leave me with about two chapterd until the sequel is officially closed. This is a big step, guys, even though you can’t see anything.

    Here’s a challenge for you, now. If you are able, leave a comment below this post, answering this question: What is your favorite thing about vampire books? You know, what draws you to them so? The romance? The love triangles? The action? Anything. Write your thoughts. Start a discussion. Jump start your imagination. :)

  • November1st

    Hey guys! My poll over there is tied! How the devil can I make a decision based on what my readers want if it’s tied??? Get voting!


    Anyway, I figured I’d drop in and let you all know what’s going on in my life and in the life of my book, Insperatus!

    First of all, I am going to be creating a new website soon. I don’t have a projected date yet, as I’m waiting on a few different things, but I will keep you all posted about it. The biggest advantage in creating this new website will be direct-buy online, on the Kelly Varesio/Insperatus Website, instead of through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or other third parties only. This handy dandy feature allows me to not only remove a third party, it will also allow you to buy copies directly through me, wherein they can be personalized however you like! Sound exciting or what?

    I also want to let all of you who have read Insperatus, and even future readers, know that the sequel is near finished! I have tied all the pieces together, finished my finale, and am closing the ending–which total, will only take me about 5-10 more pages of writing. This is a big step for the sequel [who’s title will be released once editing is finished] and it is a long-awaited green light for the next step.

    For now, the rest of 2009, I will not be touring/signing for Insperatus as there are a number of other concerns that unfortunately take priority. However, I am definitely attending Wizard World 2010, in Philly, again, and will also be booking to guest at many other conventions. So starting in 2010, I hope to again be actively promoting Insperatus on the road. Until then, I am finishing my sequel, working with websites, and searching for a good agent. Oh, and I’m still attempting to survive within the rigorous RN college program–which thankfully ends its first semester December 15th! That means homework and studying are in order for the rest of November (wow, how did that happen already??) and the beginning of the Christmas month.

    Until next time; hope everyone had a spooktastic Halloween–I know I did–and many wishes for all the upcoming holidays!