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  • December17th

    And sorry it came so late!

    My first semester of college is over, thank God, and I survived! Well, more or less…I’ve lived to die another day is more like it, because starting January 25th life will be taken away from me as my nose is forced to be in the books again.

    BUT not to worry–I have about two months of freedom, wherein I plan on writing as often as possible. There have been a few little setbacks as far as the release of the sequel goes, meaning that it may take longer to be published than I had first hoped, but that’s just some minor bad news. The good news is writing will be rampant this months (I hope) in the midst of Christmas shopping and wrapping and family. It’s such a relief for me to finally be able to put my work full-time into writing again, my favorite occupation, no matter how temporary full-time may mean for me.

    Oh–some other bad news, though not new news. So many bookstores are closing, that NJ is starting to make it HARD to find bookstores! Many of the stores I’ve worked closely with for book signings are closing, progressively further and further from me. It’s a shame that the art and hobby or reading are taking such a toll these days. No one seems to have time to read anymore–I understand the feeling. In such a fast-paced world, who has two hours a day to simply sit and read–in essence, do nothing but work the imagination? It’s a sad ordeal, and one that I hope reverses sooner or later. But this is also why Insperatus is such an easy read–although the plot is thick and busy, the chapters are super short! Read three chapters at a time, a day, and you’ll find only fifteen minutes have gone by since you’ve started. It’s perfect for impatient people–like myself.

    Lastly, I just want to give you all a recap of updates. The new website is in progress and will be up within the next few weeks, where books will be available directly with personalization options, right from me! The sequel has about three chapters more to be written to have a complete ending, and once that’s accomplished I start my own editing; I probably go through it three or four times and add, correct, remove, change things. During my own editing I’ll also have one or two special others read it for feedback. Once that’s through, I’ll reactivate my editor and she’ll do another round or so with me. Then it’ll come time to publish–which, unless I’ve hooked a traditional publisher by then, may be self-published. I’m also still in search for the perfect agent to help me with that last part. In 2010 I’ll start another book tour with Insperatus, including many weekend conventions throughout the year where I’ll be not only selling and signing, but also sketching. T-Shirts are also available–but only for a limited time! During any of my book signings, a t-shirt is available for $5 with purchase of Insperatus. For those of you who already have the book–flash me your copy and the T’s yours for $5! Normally it runs for $20, so this is a great deal. In men’s sizes as well as women’s, this awesome shirt is only available through me directly. Book signings and appearances will be posted on here as they’re set-in-stone booked, so keep an eye out! :)

    Anyways, have a merry Christmas and a happy new year–you know, just in case I’m so lost in writing that I forget to come out of hiding until then. 😉