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  • February16th

    So… I know it’s been a long drawl, but I’ve finally returned to update you all on what’s been happening in my life and in the life of Insperatus!

    The first big news is that Insperatus is under new management! I’ve been working closely with an agency in Malibu and am in the midst of throwing pitches and promotions together for large publishing companies. Ideally, Insperatus will take on a new publisher with tons more promotion and activity than before. This also calls for a much larger technical span, which will throw me into the fiery, ugly grasps of legalities that I’ve since tried to avoid. But corporate America is where my work as well as the work of other authors gets recognized, so it’s inevitable. In a nutshell, the future of Insperatus is looking better and better, and we are climbing the ladder of the literary world one step at a time!

    So what does this mean for the sequel to Insperatus? That’s looking up, too. The sequel is finished (*angel music and ‘ahhh’s*) and will more than likely be taken on by my agency for promotion once Insperatus gets settled in it’s new abode (wherever that will be). Although this new management may mean a bit of a longer wait for number two to be released, PLEASE please please please don’t fret! Coming soon — the title will be revealed, as well as an excerpt from the sequel. So hang tight guys, because the future is not far away!

    Lastly, there is a new website being built. It’s still very ‘under construction’, but hopefully it will be finished and working within a few weeks or so. The new website will have purchase options direct, including not only the book, but also artwork and T-shirts! Along with my continued blogging, there will be lots more stuff for viewers to check out such as helpful tips and tricks on writing, updates, and information on upcoming work.

    Right now, as a full-time college student too, I have papers and homework to do (do you believe they don’t let an 18 year old author off the hook from an english essay a week?). Just kidding–but I really ought to be working on schoolwork, so I’d best be off. At least, after I finish some editing…

    So until next time, hang tight, read my authorian quotes of the day that can be found on the lower righthand column (I love those!), and do what you readers do best — share the wealth and words to friends! You’ll hear from me soon! :)