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  • August22nd

    Ok, maybe the title’s cliche, but the Monster Mania convention this weekend was off the hook. I really have to say that I met some amazing people, vendors and guests alike. It’s probably the absolute coolest thing in the world for me to have the privilege of sitting behind the table to meet other young people, especially aspiring writers, and share my thoughts and words with them. For me as an author, inspiring others is better than any paycheck. So Baltimore Comic Con is next weekend. Super stoked for that one, too. And September 1st is right around the corner!


    About a week from now, I will put a new TAB up top of the website here regarding the sequel to Insperatus, and I canNOT wait to share it with you guys. I’m finished the second book as of now, although the editing and publishing process will take a longggg time. I’ll be releasing the title, a synopsis and sneak peek, and some cool and unusual new stuff. For example, I’ve made rough blueprints of a quaint Georgian estate situated in Teesdale, UK, known as the Pierson House (the home of the main character Rein in both books). I also have (literally) a mapquest version of London, marked with the exact journey taken by my characters 166 years ago, down to the very last detail of street names and prominent places. (Side note: someday soon I hope to visit London, a place I’ve never been, to see the places in real life for myself!)

    Insperatus may primarily be a vampire romance…

    but the history in which the story takes place plays just as large a role!


    On a side note, don’t forget: I commission artwork! I’ve recently done a compilation of the Greek Goddesses, which I’ll post on quite soon. My work varies from pencil, pen, marker, pastels, charcoal, oil pain, acrylic paint, watercolors, etc., so feel free to contact me at or through this website to get your own piece of my art. :)


    Well that’s it for now. I’m veryyyy sleepy after a long weekend of fun. :) Stay tuned, because a ton of new updates will be up here in about a week! Thanks for stopping by, as always, and keep perusing for more cool stuff throughout the site!

    Later. ______|