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    So it’s September 1st, and the title of the sequel has been revealed! INFECTUS is a continuation of Insperatus, taking some new characters alongside classic characters to combat an old evil. While it will be quite a while until it’s publication, I have posted an excerpt as well as other cool stuff under the ‘Sequel’ tab. It’s being added to more and more each day, so be sure to keep checking for more cool stuff. 


    So unfortunately I feel like going into depression because the summer is over and school begins again this week. The next few months I will be heavily focused on nursing school, but will definitely keep you readers posted on the workings of the book and my artwork. I have invested in some large canvases and crazy art mediums, so there will be a good deal more art going online within the next few months. I am taking strides to put more time into producing more variations in art types, ranging from paintings to oils to sketches. Remember that commissions are always available — if you would like a piece done, feel free to check out the sample artwork on this website as well as on, and shoot an email to or leave a question on the website, here.


    Well that’s about it… Hope everyone has an awesome Labor Day weekend, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and everything else — just in case I forget later. :)