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  • November20th

    Hey everyone! Just sat down to the PC to give you all a quick update on me & my books!

    As of right now, events are being scheduled for Insperatus for 2011. As always, I offer comission artwork as well as book signings at the events. I’ll be graduating with my RN this May (the medical field is a great interest of mine), so things have been hectic this past couple months. But writing hasn’t stopped!

    I am currently working on the first round edit of Infectus, the sequel to Insperatus. Tentatively it seems that publishing for that installment will be in the latter half of 2011. I’ll continue to post info and updates, and maybe more sneek peaks as time marches on. Let’s go 2011! :)

    Remember you can also follow me on Facebook, at Insperatus by Kelly Varesio,or Twitter @Kelly_Varesio.