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  • June20th

    Hey everyone! So I realize it’s been a long time since I’ve updated here. I am sorry. Truly. I tend to update more on Facebook, so ‘friend’ me there @Kelly Varesio and/or ‘like’ the page @Insperatus by Kelly Varesio. Anyways the conventions this year have been going great. I’m planning to expand my artwork portfolio both on this website & Facebook because drawing is right up there with writing for me. Speaking of writing, I know tons of people have been asking when the sequel, Infectus, will be coming out. Right now the ballpark date of release is around the end of this year. It’s finished. It’s being edited. It will be published soon. Don’t give up. In the meantime, keep up with my Facebook, please. And here, too. I’ll get better with the blogging. I promise. Okay. Thanks.