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Kelly Varesio lives in New Jersey. She graduated high school in 2009 and became an RN two years later. At only sixteen years old, she managed a feat that not many authors have done. Kelly wrote Insperatus, her first novel, off ideas that had been with her for years—ideas mixed with historical accuracy and an effort to create realism in fiction. It’s surprising to most that a book so maturely written can come from a source so young. Kelly hopes to be an inspiration for young writers today and a good example of how to pursue dreams. Now married and working as a nursing instructor, Kelly continues to write alongside the company of her cats, coffee, and family.

So that’s the formal description, anyways. And while it is accurate, I figured that since this is MY website, I ought to personalize things a bit more. I graduated nursing school (which had been the bane of my existence for two years) and obtained my RN 20 years old – woo hoo! I continued on for my BSN and MSN, and currently work as a full time nursing instructor. I love to teach! It makes sense then that my two biggest interests in the world are medical work and fiction writing, and no matter the $$ signs behind each paycheck, they’re both equally as important to me. I finished my first book, Insperatus, when I was 16—which means I started it much earlier. It was all invented by a friend and I when we were on vacation in Lancaster PA—or at least, the character names were. From then on, as I outgrew Barbies, I turned to writing to get my creative fix. Ever since I can remember, my mind has been filled with inspiration to write. I have dozens of illustrated stories I wrote as a child, ranging from when I was age 5, on. That was put on hold and replaced with role-playing and dolls for awhile, but by the time I was in seventh grade I started the story that would someday become Insperatus. As a middle-schooler, I was blown away to find I had written a 15 page story, titled “The Hunt”—15 pages was a world record for me. So I went back and edited it, and it grew to 30. Then I decided to type it out for the first time, the title changed, and it grew to about 100 pages in length, and so on and so forth. For me, as a middle school-turned high school student, instead of penning a hundred small, jumbled writings, I continued to add words, ideas, and thoughts to the same story. It wasn’t until I was 16 that the title Insperatus finally stuck, a Latin word meaning, “the unexpected, the unanticipated, or the unforeseen.” A few years later, I published the sequel Infectus! Among novel writing, I am also a bit of an artist. I offer commission artwork, and have numerous sample sketches on a separate art-geared website,

In a different light, I am also a very philosophical person ( I think, anyways). For me, living life is in the simplicity, and enjoying the little things (ideas of which I’ve written many a poem about). This is not to say I hate to be busy—but I also make sure there is ample time to sit and do nothing, to watch the stars or sit on a porch with a cup of hot tea and stay shielded from the rain. I’m also Christian by faith (which I consider to be a relationship, not a religion). I think people often find it astounding that a ‘Christian’ can have written a vampire novel (I know, I know—it still shocks people that Stephenie Meyer’s a Mormon, right?) but my goal in life is to show others that Christianity is not a stigma, a box, or a jail cell that one is confined to. Having a relationship with Jesus Christ does not drain the fun out of life–in fact, it makes life worth living. This is just another huge part of me, as an author, that I want my readers to know.

So I think that about sums it up. You can stay updated and learn more; follow me on Twitter (Kelly_Varesio) or FB (‘Kelly Varesio’), and become a fan of Insperatus by Kelly Varesio on FB too!