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I had a change of plans.

Instead of posting all my art on, I realized it’d be much smarter for me to upload everything onto my art account at There is a link to the rightish area that can lead you there–it’s an art site, and since I already had an account [MsTwennyFaahve] I went ahead and uploaded all my art onto there. My rates for commission work are on there, too, so check it out!

And artwork aside, I have been looking into a new publisher for my sequel. While it will not be released for about another year, number two to Insperatus is over half way finished. So while I’m doing art and finding a new publisher, I am also trying to find a good agent to pitch Insperatus to large companies such as Bantam, Penguin, and the like. But you know what big publishers look for most in a book? The authors platform. How many REVIEWS the book has. How many fan ratings. Things like that. So please–let other websites as well as other people know how you feel. Promote Insperatus.

Thanks a million. ____________|

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