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  • June20th

    Hey everyone! So I realize it’s been a long time since I’ve updated here. I am sorry. Truly. I tend to update more on Facebook, so ‘friend’ me there @Kelly Varesio and/or ‘like’ the page @Insperatus by Kelly Varesio. Anyways the conventions this year have been going great. I’m planning to expand my artwork portfolio both on this website & Facebook because drawing is right up there with writing for me. Speaking of writing, I know tons of people have been asking when the sequel, Infectus, will be coming out. Right now the ballpark date of release is around the end of this year. It’s finished. It’s being edited. It will be published soon. Don’t give up. In the meantime, keep up with my Facebook, please. And here, too. I’ll get better with the blogging. I promise. Okay. Thanks.

  • November20th

    Hey everyone! Just sat down to the PC to give you all a quick update on me & my books!

    As of right now, events are being scheduled for Insperatus for 2011. As always, I offer comission artwork as well as book signings at the events. I’ll be graduating with my RN this May (the medical field is a great interest of mine), so things have been hectic this past couple months. But writing hasn’t stopped!

    I am currently working on the first round edit of Infectus, the sequel to Insperatus. Tentatively it seems that publishing for that installment will be in the latter half of 2011. I’ll continue to post info and updates, and maybe more sneek peaks as time marches on. Let’s go 2011! :)

    Remember you can also follow me on Facebook, at Insperatus by Kelly Varesio,or Twitter @Kelly_Varesio.

  • September1st

    So it’s September 1st, and the title of the sequel has been revealed! INFECTUS is a continuation of Insperatus, taking some new characters alongside classic characters to combat an old evil. While it will be quite a while until it’s publication, I have posted an excerpt as well as other cool stuff under the ‘Sequel’ tab. It’s being added to more and more each day, so be sure to keep checking for more cool stuff. 


    So unfortunately I feel like going into depression because the summer is over and school begins again this week. The next few months I will be heavily focused on nursing school, but will definitely keep you readers posted on the workings of the book and my artwork. I have invested in some large canvases and crazy art mediums, so there will be a good deal more art going online within the next few months. I am taking strides to put more time into producing more variations in art types, ranging from paintings to oils to sketches. Remember that commissions are always available — if you would like a piece done, feel free to check out the sample artwork on this website as well as on, and shoot an email to or leave a question on the website, here.


    Well that’s about it… Hope everyone has an awesome Labor Day weekend, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and everything else — just in case I forget later. :)

  • August22nd

    Ok, maybe the title’s cliche, but the Monster Mania convention this weekend was off the hook. I really have to say that I met some amazing people, vendors and guests alike. It’s probably the absolute coolest thing in the world for me to have the privilege of sitting behind the table to meet other young people, especially aspiring writers, and share my thoughts and words with them. For me as an author, inspiring others is better than any paycheck. So Baltimore Comic Con is next weekend. Super stoked for that one, too. And September 1st is right around the corner!


    About a week from now, I will put a new TAB up top of the website here regarding the sequel to Insperatus, and I canNOT wait to share it with you guys. I’m finished the second book as of now, although the editing and publishing process will take a longggg time. I’ll be releasing the title, a synopsis and sneak peek, and some cool and unusual new stuff. For example, I’ve made rough blueprints of a quaint Georgian estate situated in Teesdale, UK, known as the Pierson House (the home of the main character Rein in both books). I also have (literally) a mapquest version of London, marked with the exact journey taken by my characters 166 years ago, down to the very last detail of street names and prominent places. (Side note: someday soon I hope to visit London, a place I’ve never been, to see the places in real life for myself!)

    Insperatus may primarily be a vampire romance…

    but the history in which the story takes place plays just as large a role!


    On a side note, don’t forget: I commission artwork! I’ve recently done a compilation of the Greek Goddesses, which I’ll post on quite soon. My work varies from pencil, pen, marker, pastels, charcoal, oil pain, acrylic paint, watercolors, etc., so feel free to contact me at or through this website to get your own piece of my art. :)


    Well that’s it for now. I’m veryyyy sleepy after a long weekend of fun. :) Stay tuned, because a ton of new updates will be up here in about a week! Thanks for stopping by, as always, and keep perusing for more cool stuff throughout the site!

    Later. ______|

  • June14th

    So I just finished the Philadelphia Wizard Comic Con, and it was amazing. Insperatus, as well as my artwork, sold wonderfully, and I have all you people to thank. Having done even better this year in Philly than last, I realize that conventions are the way to go. So I’m booking more — probably in Baltimore, Toronto, and Jersey. Many of the fans who bought Insperatus also got a T-shirt — that was the promo for this gig. Unfortunately that promos over, but T-shirts are still available through me at signings or via here, the website. All you gotta do is inquire. :)


    Next. Now that I’m on summer break from nursing school, I hope to spend lots of time with my writings. The sequel is finished (minus the editing), and the editing process can take forever. While I’ve already begun editing myself, pretty soon I’ll begin work with an editor and publishing house to get the sequel into your hands. Remember,

    September 1st is my deadline to begin publishing — and to reveal the name of the sequel and give you all a sneak peek!

    So stay tuned here for that update.


    Last but not least… I am an artist too. So don’t forget that commission work is available here on this site as well! Just click on the ‘artwork’ tab to review some of my samples (more will be up in the coming weeks), and check out for the commission rates. And as always, remember I love to hear your feedback — so feel free to leave a mini review or just a comment by contacting me! Until next time– I’m out ___________|

  • April16th

    Question mark?


    I know that’s what a lot of people have been thinking lately. As an author, I’m in sort of a tough spot right now; a lull, per se. There were collaborations with a couple agencies, but none turned out the way I was hoping they would. And because the publishing world takes so long for anything to be accomplished, I’ve given myself, and you readers, a deadline.


    September 1st, 2010.


    By this date, I will give you all a major update; whether I’ve decided to go with an agency, or another smaller publishing company. What does this mean for you? Well, to find a good agency would mean more promos, advertisement, and money–and might take many months. But a smaller publisher would mean faster publication, and as the author I would have much more say about the production of the sequel. I’m sure you don’t care to know anymore of the monotonous publishing details, so I’ll spare you. But I do want you all to know I will have a more definite picture regarding Insperatus and its sequel by this summer! :)


    This is actually sort of a paradoxical big step. For the past months I’ve been in waiting on numerous different agencies and publishing workings, not sure of what would happen next. Since I’ve disconnected from that, I have no more waiting to do–just deciding. So September 1st will be the day of reckoning, and hopefully great news!


    I will also be revealing the name of the sequel on the said date, and will put up an excerpt of the new book.


    So until then, I will be writing, blog posting, schooling, and selling at signings and conventions along the east coast. Remember that T-shirts are available in both mens and womens sizes, but exclusively with purchase of a book through me! Or if you’ve already purchased the book–that’s awesome too! Check the upcoming signing events, and bring Insperatus with for me to sign or just for a free T!


    Also check out the Insperatus wallpapers available on the site, as well as my deviantart account with samples of my artwork. I also offer commission work, so feel free to peruse and contact with any interest in a sketch! Until next time. ____________|

  • March26th

    So this is my first March post, BUT—now you can finally see some of what I’ve been up to the past few months!


    You made it to this new site,, so you probably already know that this is the new OFFICIAL website for me and Insperatus. The old blogger site is still active, but will no longer be updated; this is where I’ll be doing my blog posting from here on out!


    So what’s the coolest thing about the new site? You can direct-buy Insperatus! I think it’s a lot less lame to actually sell the book from the official site, right? ;P Anyway, peruse around and check out all the tabs—there’s also quote wallpaper from the book available under the ‘About Insperatus’ tab. I’ve also included extended bios on both myself and the book here.


    The news with Insperatus is relatively paused right now. But it’s good news—a CA literary agency did pick up Insperatus and is currently in the process of pitching it to bigger and better publishers. Once a new publisher is acquired, Insperatus will again go through a transformation. BUT, regardless of the timeframe, it is still for sale nearly everywhere online and through me at signings! So the good news for you readers is that you won’t really notice the slow transformation until it really occurs.


    Most of you know that the sequel to Insperatus is finished—at least the first draft is, anyway. I just want you guys to be aware of that; once Insperatus has its feet firmly on the ground again under new management, the sequel will finally be on its way to publication! I don’t like to give an ETA for the sequel, but I do want you to know that it WILL be published!


    So for now, enjoy Insperatus, and stay tuned on this new site because I will (within the next few months) be revealing the sequel’s title, and adding an excerpt from it as well!


    Lastly, this new site is going to feature more in-depth writer tips. The biggest inspiration for me and my writing, is that so many of you have let me know how much of an inspiration I’ve been to you. Anyone who loves to write should write, no matter the worries of publishing or age. The biggest thing for me to overcome in this publishing realm was my age, but it can be done. No writing is stupid or useless, because even the greatest of writers took hundreds, sometimes thousands, of tries before they were recognized. Some of the greatest writers in history weren’t even recognized until after their death—but don’t let that dishearten you. I’m just saying, NEVER give up on your dreams, whether that be writings (as was, and still is, mine) or anything else. I’m going to be posting some of my poetry, essays, and ideas concerning writing, stories, life, vampires, and whatever else feels right to add! So stay tuned, and happy grand opening! :)

    As Sydney J. Harris once said, “Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable.” So write, write, write away! 

  • February16th

    So… I know it’s been a long drawl, but I’ve finally returned to update you all on what’s been happening in my life and in the life of Insperatus!

    The first big news is that Insperatus is under new management! I’ve been working closely with an agency in Malibu and am in the midst of throwing pitches and promotions together for large publishing companies. Ideally, Insperatus will take on a new publisher with tons more promotion and activity than before. This also calls for a much larger technical span, which will throw me into the fiery, ugly grasps of legalities that I’ve since tried to avoid. But corporate America is where my work as well as the work of other authors gets recognized, so it’s inevitable. In a nutshell, the future of Insperatus is looking better and better, and we are climbing the ladder of the literary world one step at a time!

    So what does this mean for the sequel to Insperatus? That’s looking up, too. The sequel is finished (*angel music and ‘ahhh’s*) and will more than likely be taken on by my agency for promotion once Insperatus gets settled in it’s new abode (wherever that will be). Although this new management may mean a bit of a longer wait for number two to be released, PLEASE please please please don’t fret! Coming soon — the title will be revealed, as well as an excerpt from the sequel. So hang tight guys, because the future is not far away!

    Lastly, there is a new website being built. It’s still very ‘under construction’, but hopefully it will be finished and working within a few weeks or so. The new website will have purchase options direct, including not only the book, but also artwork and T-shirts! Along with my continued blogging, there will be lots more stuff for viewers to check out such as helpful tips and tricks on writing, updates, and information on upcoming work.

    Right now, as a full-time college student too, I have papers and homework to do (do you believe they don’t let an 18 year old author off the hook from an english essay a week?). Just kidding–but I really ought to be working on schoolwork, so I’d best be off. At least, after I finish some editing…

    So until next time, hang tight, read my authorian quotes of the day that can be found on the lower righthand column (I love those!), and do what you readers do best — share the wealth and words to friends! You’ll hear from me soon! :)

  • January22nd

    Hi guys. Forgive me for my delays in blogging presently. Multiple things have hit me at once concerning Insperatus.

    I’m corresponding with an agent.
    I’m building a new website.
    I’m scheduling signings for 2010.
    I’m finishing and editing the sequel.
    I’m preparing/bracing myself for school to start up again.

    That’s about it in a nutshell. Once that stuff is straightened out and no longer lingering above my head, I will be back up and kicking, hopefully with a ton of good news for my readers! Hang in there and thanks, as always! :)

  • December17th

    And sorry it came so late!

    My first semester of college is over, thank God, and I survived! Well, more or less…I’ve lived to die another day is more like it, because starting January 25th life will be taken away from me as my nose is forced to be in the books again.

    BUT not to worry–I have about two months of freedom, wherein I plan on writing as often as possible. There have been a few little setbacks as far as the release of the sequel goes, meaning that it may take longer to be published than I had first hoped, but that’s just some minor bad news. The good news is writing will be rampant this months (I hope) in the midst of Christmas shopping and wrapping and family. It’s such a relief for me to finally be able to put my work full-time into writing again, my favorite occupation, no matter how temporary full-time may mean for me.

    Oh–some other bad news, though not new news. So many bookstores are closing, that NJ is starting to make it HARD to find bookstores! Many of the stores I’ve worked closely with for book signings are closing, progressively further and further from me. It’s a shame that the art and hobby or reading are taking such a toll these days. No one seems to have time to read anymore–I understand the feeling. In such a fast-paced world, who has two hours a day to simply sit and read–in essence, do nothing but work the imagination? It’s a sad ordeal, and one that I hope reverses sooner or later. But this is also why Insperatus is such an easy read–although the plot is thick and busy, the chapters are super short! Read three chapters at a time, a day, and you’ll find only fifteen minutes have gone by since you’ve started. It’s perfect for impatient people–like myself.

    Lastly, I just want to give you all a recap of updates. The new website is in progress and will be up within the next few weeks, where books will be available directly with personalization options, right from me! The sequel has about three chapters more to be written to have a complete ending, and once that’s accomplished I start my own editing; I probably go through it three or four times and add, correct, remove, change things. During my own editing I’ll also have one or two special others read it for feedback. Once that’s through, I’ll reactivate my editor and she’ll do another round or so with me. Then it’ll come time to publish–which, unless I’ve hooked a traditional publisher by then, may be self-published. I’m also still in search for the perfect agent to help me with that last part. In 2010 I’ll start another book tour with Insperatus, including many weekend conventions throughout the year where I’ll be not only selling and signing, but also sketching. T-Shirts are also available–but only for a limited time! During any of my book signings, a t-shirt is available for $5 with purchase of Insperatus. For those of you who already have the book–flash me your copy and the T’s yours for $5! Normally it runs for $20, so this is a great deal. In men’s sizes as well as women’s, this awesome shirt is only available through me directly. Book signings and appearances will be posted on here as they’re set-in-stone booked, so keep an eye out! :)

    Anyways, have a merry Christmas and a happy new year–you know, just in case I’m so lost in writing that I forget to come out of hiding until then. 😉