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So I just finished the Philadelphia Wizard Comic Con, and it was amazing. Insperatus, as well as my artwork, sold wonderfully, and I have all you people to thank. Having done even better this year in Philly than last, I realize that conventions are the way to go. So I’m booking more — probably in Baltimore, Toronto, and Jersey. Many of the fans who bought Insperatus also got a T-shirt — that was the promo for this gig. Unfortunately that promos over, but T-shirts are still available through me at signings or via here, the website. All you gotta do is inquire. :)


Next. Now that I’m on summer break from nursing school, I hope to spend lots of time with my writings. The sequel is finished (minus the editing), and the editing process can take forever. While I’ve already begun editing myself, pretty soon I’ll begin work with an editor and publishing house to get the sequel into your hands. Remember,

September 1st is my deadline to begin publishing — and to reveal the name of the sequel and give you all a sneak peek!

So stay tuned here for that update.


Last but not least… I am an artist too. So don’t forget that commission work is available here on this site as well! Just click on the ‘artwork’ tab to review some of my samples (more will be up in the coming weeks), and check out for the commission rates. And as always, remember I love to hear your feedback — so feel free to leave a mini review or just a comment by contacting me! Until next time– I’m out ___________|

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