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Wow, guys. It’s been over a month. For all of you reading this (and especially my daily guys) forgive me for my delays in writing.

It’s hard being a college-going-nursing-school-working-crazy-credit-amount-taking-rare-to-see-anymore author! I wish I could pour every ounce of my time into writing and promoting, but I simply can’t with nursing school going on. A two-year RN program sounds impressive, but it definitely whoops your butt on most occasions–and I’m only beginning!

The status of Insperatus? Hovering. It’s hovering. It’s selling, it’s being printed, but it isn’t currently being driven forcefully forward into the faces of big-deal-type people. For those of you interested, I am on my age-old, death-defying quest for an agent, who can fight and win over a dragon of a publisher–a big publisher–that will totally put Insperatus on the face of the literary map along side Twilight, True Blood, and every other vampire story that got lucky enough to find that special someone–one more elusive I think than even true love and the prince or princess that comes along with it. Regardless of the trials, there are many queries for Insperatus circulating the US, in the hands of agents [literally] or in their inboxes [electronically]. Meanwhile, my ***sequel*** is almost finished!

All that, among other things, adds that extra gnashing-at-your-teeth aspect to living quite a bit. It’s an insanely occupied life I currently lead, but I LOVE it.

I want readers, or possible readers, to know that there is so much headed your way coming out of my head to your hands in the future, you couldn’t imagine. But the calendar really is rearing it’s ugly head and stealing time away from me like it enjoys to at the moment.

My last comment of this post is in regards to Insperatus–especially to those of you who have not read it yet, but who are merely looking. I can’t stress enough how important readers are to an author, because they make or break them. An author has no power over his book. I’ve probably said before, the best book ever written in the history of history may never be published or go anywhere if no one bothers to take the time to read it. Not that Insperatus falls into the category of the best book in the history of history, [although I’d like to think so ;)] but I think that viewers tend to define or label the book as a ‘romance’ or ‘vampire book’ or ‘fantasy novel,’ when really, most don’t know that it truly does have a bit of everything in it. Action, history, romance, fantasy, the paranorma, mystery, suspense… Insperatus honestly has no true genre. But together, all those genres can merge to form something unlike Twilight or Cirque de Freak, or even a Nicolas Sparks book for that matter. Blended together in one book, in Insperatus, all those genres really do bring something different to the table, and I really do urge you to order a copy online or through your bookstore. You and your expectations will definitely be at least pleasantly surprised.

And if you are waivering, please read the excerpts available on this website! :)

Talk to you soon–I HOPE! 😉

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  • Comment by Coach KBeans — September 5, 2009 @ 2:29 am

    Hey busy lady! It was so good to see you in Jersey this summer!

    I'm just here to ditto what you said. Insperatus doesn't fit a mold of any kind. It overflows and trickles past this and that, grabbing pieces here and there. It truely keeps you on the edge of your seat. I can't wait for the second one!

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