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So I’ve attended quite a few conventions for Insperatus as well as to sell my artwork. I’ve had tables and gotten coffees early in the mornings alongside celebrities such as Patrick Stewart, Scott Porter (Friday Night Lights — pictured on the left), Eric Roberts (Julia’s brother and Emma’s dad), the real Jason (from all the Friday the 13th’s), the wolfman from the new movie, Leyla Milani from Deal or No Deal, Matt Serra (UFC fighter), and the entire cast of My Bloody Valentine (both the 80’s and current movie version). It’s been a fun ride, so I figured I’d post photos for you here!                             _____

By the way, Scott Porter and I collaborated: he has been officially selected to play Traith Harker in the upcoming “Insperatus” movie! Haha, just kidding — no movie yet. But if anything, his face may give you readers an idea of what the character looks like. Maybe someday it’ll hit the big screen!

Thanks for the face, Scott!