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Life is wild. It just is.

I’ll give you a little insider on my authorian life. My family, friends, co-workers, and pretty much all acquainances attained as a normal eighteen year old girl, don’t ever really see me as an author. To them, I’m just a nursing student, and…well, and eighteen year old girl. Even though most of my close people know I wrote a book, they rarely talk about it. And, ironically, I come from a family that doesn’t particularly enjoy reading. Don’t get me wrong–they’re beyond proud, but after the first week of being published, their only question [when they do think of my book] is, “Oh! So how much have you made so far?”

Regarding money. Any author’s usual deprivation.

So I’ve always loved the medical field, and I am very excited about nursing. But the college has this funny way of scaring students. I’ve already got homework due the first day that I’ve yet to do, and I have over 12 textbooks, 9 of them being nursing books. I was told I’m going to have to quit any job I may have, as the nursing course will be too rigorous for working. Therefore, I pretty much ought to be working as much as possible this summer…

But where does that annoying working world leave time for me to write? Or spend time simply being an ‘author’ for that matter? In a nutshell: it DOESN’T. You just have to somehow make time.

UNFORTUNATELY, that’s been strikingly hard to do, lately. I haven’t been able to promote Insperatus as ‘rigorously’ as I’d hoped so far this summer. While the booksignings I’ve had did do wonderfully well, I really desire to put my whole self into accumulating readers and showing the world what a unique read Insperatus really is. But it doesn’t matter if it’s the best book ever written–if no one knows about it, it won’t go anywhere. So that’s what I’m going to really focus on in all my free college time–and since I am a writer, and always will be, no matter what, I’ll try my hardest to make that time.

Time to not only promote Insperatus, but to finish the sequel. Which is going well. Although I am having quite a bit of writers block, lately…

Lastly, for my readers (or future ones):

I’m going to put another Insperatus excerpt on this site! I’ve kept (and will keep) the prologue and first chapter available for reading on here, because it gives you a taste of the setting, background, and characters of Insperatus. But I decided to reveal a piece more in the middle of the novel–a piece that greatly differs from the excerpt placed up here so far. I hope that reading the new excerpt will entice those interested to pick up a copy of Insperatus–

–which is available for sale online on most all sites EXCEPT now. It always takes them twice the time to reprocess titles. But in time, it will be there, too. :)

Until tomorrow–or sometime in the future–


PS–I’ve been thinking about some vampire concepts, variations, and similarities. Be sure to check in soon, because I plan on writing a little essay on my take, as well as other takes, on the curse that’s taken over the world. The vampire.

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    Good luck with school. I just finished insperatus tonight and I was so happy to read that you are writing a sequel. I will certainly be recommending this to my friends. I also put a review of it on

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