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This summer has come as the perfect time. After I was being pretty bogged down with school [exams were the worst] and work, I’ve finally had the chance to really focus back in Insperatus and think about what the best thing is for my book.

So I’m in the midst of contacting bookstores to order Insperatus in-store, contacting agents (which is super hard), and if I find a good agent then trying to be picked up by a huge publishing company such as Bantam Books or Simon & Schuster. Being a writer/author comes so easily to me, and it’s something I will always do no matter if I’m published or not, but to really be a published author is a whoooooooole different ballgame; one that requires full-time attention and constant movement, or you’ll suddenly find yourself really far behind the eightball.

Needless to say I have a huge to-do list, one that continually grows and never gets smaller, but it’s something that I’m tackling with joy. I figure I’ve gotten this far, why can’t I keep going? And if I could give my readers one assignment, it would be this: TALK. TALK about Insperatus, if you love it. The biggest reason good books don’t sell is because no one KNOWS they exist, and the only way for people to KNOW they exist is to hear about them. So please–5 minutes–hop on Barnes & Noble’s website and write a little review. Tell your friends who you think would be interested. You guys could get Insperatus farther than I could ever get it alone.

Thanks. As always. :)

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  • Comment by Megs — October 23, 2009 @ 5:02 pm

    Hello Kelly, I met you at the Collingswood book Fair. I haven't read your book yet, but I am planning on getting it soon. It looks really interesting! Good luck with your new book & can't wait to read this soon! ~Meg K.

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