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“Across the railroad tracks on Sherwood Street

stood a large, beautiful, Georgian home of rustic brick with much acreage behind it. Grass covered the whole lawn, with small white flowers growing in different, little patches around the sidewalk…”


The Pierson House is situated in a little town called Teesdale in North England. While the house is entirely fictional, the town is not. Teesdale was officially recognized as a mining town in the 1850’s, but it has has been a flourishing town full of amazing scenery for hundreds of years. In Insperatus, the Pierson House is Rein Pierson’s home. It plays a part in the workings of both Insperatus and the sequel yet to be released, Infectus. For more information on Teesdale, perhaps to help you better picture the quaint town, check out


Below are rough blueprints of the inside of the house. Though not formal, the pictures can aid the reader in navigating the inside of the house as the characters are there.