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This is just a short post–my last post regarding my Wizard Convention weekend was my big one for the time being–but it is regarding the ‘grande opening!’ of my new side-site, the art of kelly varesio.

Basically all the information about what it is is on the site itself, the web address simply being ‘’ [the direct link is to your right]. As I said before, I’ve decided to offer custom art for whoever is interested, and each request/commission will be fit uniquely to the person requesting my drawing services.

That’s it for now–head on over there to check out what’s beginning, and check back soon to watch it grow! :)

Aaaaaaand as always, don’t forget [if you haven’t bought it already, please do!] about INSPERATUS, my most beloved mind-child, which could use reviews for even better publicity! Help me out as an author, because you the readers are what makes a book take off–you, your reviews, and your word-of-mouth.

~~Thanks, and much love!~~

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