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     So it’s 2016. A lot has changed over the years since the release of my debut novel, Insperatus, and it’s sequel, Infectus. I thank you for tuning in here!

     I was recently married (this past November to be exact), moved to a new home, got a dog and another cat (for a total of three cats now), and work full time as a nursing instructor. I adore my job and being a wife (with the new last name of ‘Edelman,’ for those who are wondering), and now that the dust has settled I’m excited to finally return to the writing realm!

     I spent years promoting my first two sister novels, as well as my artwork, attending conventions such as Wizard (Comic Con) and Monster Mania. While I am presently unable to attend those due to my schedule, I am happy to say that through it all I’ve been working on a third novel – one entirely unrelated to my first two.

     My newest brainchild, State of Ruin, is an entirely different kind of novel. It is set during the American Civil War and falls into the historical romance genre. As a history geek (easy enough to tell if you read Insperatus and Infectus), I was burning to write about my favorite time period in US history – the Civil War. Fascinated by the war pitting brother against brother, I knew my next story would thrive and grow through the outlet of the 1860s.

     I can’t wait to share my newest novel with you – when it’s published! I’m so excited to say that I FINISHED it this past week, after a few years of hard work and a pouring out of my heart and soul, and I’m currently in the editing phases and the search for an agent. Soon, there will be a tab on this site for you to read an excerpt and explore some pertinent info related to the book.

     In the meantime, I do hope you purchase a copy of my novels Insperatus and Infectus, if you haven’t already, and when you do – email me! I love to receive feedback, and more than anything – REVIEWS. Go to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, etc.. Write reviews. What’s more, head to Facebook and like and share my page, Author: Kelly Varesio. Word of mouth is the best way to help spread the word!

     Thanks again for checking out my page!


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