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I just wanted to share something with anyone checking out, for a minute. I attached a beautiful paragraph that I really feel compelled to share. It was written by someone I met at the Philly Wizard World Convention, who read my book, has kept in contact with me, and emailed me this wonderful statement:

~~~”I have been so fully engrossed in your delicious book, delicious might seem an odd word used to describe a book but it is actually a term I stole from my literature professor in college…her and I shared the same passion for the written word, and she coined the term delicious in referring to either a book, paragraph, or sentence that was so rich and creatively structured that you can taste it, it’s those passages that are so very perfect that you feel every emotion and see every image as though you were the character. The thing I love most is that although [Insperatus] is a familiar genre, it is in no way cliche’ or predictable, and you’ve created an entire alternative universe wherein your story takes place, this is not easily done, as you well know, it is a world of magic and mysticism, where vampires, witches, and werewolves do exist, but so historically accurate that it makes it seem like it could be true. I can tell that, in the books to come, you will continue to delve deeper in developing not only your characters but also this fantastic alternative universe, I hope that you will continue to include factual events in our history in your story and give alternative mystical explanations for certain things. …To me your book has all the romance of James Cameron’s Titanic, the unbridled passion of Twilight, and all the mysticism and adventure of Harry Potter, it is like all my favorite story teller’s got together and wrote a book, you are so very talented and unbelievbly creative. I have not yet finished, I have about 20 chapters to go, and I am at the point where I cant wait to see how it ends but I dont want to rush it because I dont want it to be over yet, when did you say the 2nd book would be out? : )…Thank you so much for introducing me to [Insperatus].“~~~

To me, that is the most touching thing–to hear such amazing feedback from readers of my book. Thanks so much, Lisa!


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