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What an eventful weekend!

So I rent a table at one of the biggest comic-cons in the US to sell my book for Father’s Day weekend. Not only that, but I draw. Most don’t know, but I’m sort of an artist as well as an author, and this weekend I sold just as much art and commission work as books! It was truly an amazing experience. Made a few friends– shout out to A.J. Nolan, an author working his way up as well as I am– and met some celebrities. Guests there along side me included Lou Ferrigno [the first and foremost Incredible Hulk himself from the 80’s], Ray Park [the underestimated actor who played X-Men’s Toad, Darth Mau, and the upcoming Snake-Eyes in the GI Joe Movie], Lelya Milani [Howie Mandell’s lucky #13 model], Matt Serra [one of the UFC fighters], Kristanna Locken [actress from Terminator & Pain Killer Jane], and numerous others.

Other than that exhilarating cast of characters, I was able to really get one-on-one with my readers, as well as sell sketches of Insperatus characters. I was asked by one of my buyers if I sold art on my website–and I said no, but it got me thinking. I’ve decided to offer commission work for anyone interested. In the next few weeks I will be creating another blogspot, where I will only be posting my artwork. There I will offer custom art of your choice.

In conclusion– a super successful weekend, a chance to meet tons of new people, and best of all, a huge humbling for me: to be paid for something you love to do. It’s the most amazing feeling I’ve ever felt, really. I appreciate my readers more than I can say, so…thank you! Check back soon for even more cool things! :)

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  • Comment by Coach KBeans — June 22, 2009 @ 10:48 pm

    Great update!! WTG on all the hard work paying off – literally :o)

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